Information on the Association

With its operations, the Tampere Piano Association strives to foster and promote the performance and teaching of piano music in Tampere and the Tampere region. The association was established at a meeting of nine piano pedagogues from Tampere on 16 February 2015. The Tampere Piano Association has more than 40 members.

The goal of the association is to

  • support the piano playing of children and young people as a hobby and as a subject of professional studies;
  • enliven the concert offerings of the city and the region with piano and piano-based chamber music concerts; and
  • enhance the community life of piano-music professionals, students, and enthusiasts in the area.

Established forms of activity for the association include

  • Tampere Piano Camp (held every year in June),
  • The Pirkanmaa Piano Festival (taking place every November),
  • member meetings and discussion events, and
  • the Tampere Piano Competition (held every four years).

The Tampere Piano Association organises the nationwide Tampere Piano Competition. The first Tampere Piano Competition was held in April–May 2017, and the next will be in April 2021.